Driveways are a prominent part of many front yards no matter what size they are. Like most other landscape features they need to be functional, long lasting, and attractive.

Usually, because of their size and function, driveways are constructed out of concrete or concrete pavers - see our “Pavers“ section under “Patios” for more information about pavers. There are other options such as asphalt, brick and even stone and all have their pros and cons. Many times we will include bands of brick or stone in the concrete to break up the look of the driveway or to add a nice looking element without double or tripling the price.

We can also arrange for your concrete to be stamped and/or colored. These are common practices and are used for adding interest to plain concrete. Colored concrete can be quite attractive although we do like to mention that the color can vary slightly from the shade you choose.

We are happy to discuss all of these options with you and work with you in choosing the best fit for your situation and for your budget.