We view planting as not only the one of the most high profile and visible parts of the project but also as a source for our environment to thrive around us. Whether plantings are done in rigid lines along a pathway or in informal drifts across a hillside, we value not only aesthetics of these applications but also the process by which we choose the plants for them. We can aid you in the plant selection process, whether you answering questions about a list you already have or by starting from scratch and designing your whole planting plan.

We do everything from planting groundcover in between stepping stones to renting cranes to install mature trees in your front or backyard. We also follow industry standards in installing all of our plant material and take care to plant at the correct height and with appropriate irrigation, fertilizer and proper staking techniques if necessary.

Drought Tolerant and Native Plants

In order to save on water we like to design and install drought tolerant and native plants whenever possible. These gardens can range from ornamental grasses in rock gardens to evergreen shrubs and groundcover. Drought tolerant and native gardens have a charm all their own and although there are certain natives that can be finicky in a garden setting, we choose all of our plants based on low maintenance, low water usage and high attractive qualities. We also like to choose plants and trees that provide habitat and/or food for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.