Our designer.

Leslie McKenna graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Landscape Architecture. She has studied abroad in southern England as well as Italy and has traveled to several other countries taking a personal interest in landscape design. She was a full time landscape designer for the prestigious landscape architecture firm Hill Associates for three years. She does commercial and residential designs for any of our clients who wish to have her expertise, and has worked on projects of all sizes, from single family homes to large estates and public works. Her skills are sensitive to changing trends, and is well versed in sustainable and green designs. She is an enthusiastic member of our team.

You can schedule her for a free consultation.

Already have plans? 

A main focus of our business for the past 31 years has been implementing construction blueprints.

We know as a designer it is impossible to anticipate and predict every condition that a construction crew will run into; that is where we come in. We work with both our clients and designers to come up with solutions that both fulfill the design intent and keep costs low.

We can also treat your plan set as a master plan, as an overall end product for your property. In doing this we can phase the project to however many steps you would like over how ever much time you would like. This way we can get the important foundations of the project in for you to enjoy now, while you save for the more luxurious items for the future.

We have implemented thousands of drawings and are sensitive to the fine details and quality that give your projects the true professional touch that you expect.

We are happy to talk over your project in person and give you a complimentary estimate.

Why should I have plans drawn up?

As Contractors we know that Designers are invaluable. They fill a crucial role in the green industry and it is through their artistic vision that projects get the cohesive and practical elements that they need in order to be successful.

In all but the smallest and simplest projects we recommend a landscape designer or landscape architect draw up a design. This can be as simple as a sketch, but should always be to scale. Even if you know what you want, a designer can add ideas and details you may not have thought of. They can also add a sense of scale, proportion and lines that can transform a yard and have the technical training to specify proper construction methods and plant selection.

Having a scale drawing gives us a picture of the landscape. It gives a point of reference for the project and not only makes it easier for a contractor to bid, but is also makes that bid more reliable because it is then clear what is expected from the contractor.